Friday 20 January Franz Nicolini inaugurates in Omegna the 2012 season of the “Moriggi Combi Lanza” Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering School with the presentation-screening of the film “Libero di concatenare” which documents the exceptional summer 2008 venture with which, together with Diego Giovanni and, in part, with Mirko Mezzanotte, completed in 60 days the dream of Patrick Berhault, the most loved transalpine climber in history: the ascent of all 82 4000 of the Alps in a single journey.

The meeting with the multi-purpose alpinist and mountain guide Franz Nicolini, organized by the Cai Intersection School “Moriggi Combi Lanza” of Verbano and Cusio in collaboration with our Vertical Line Association, is the inaugural moment of the SA1 courses (ski mountaineering 1) and AG1 (alpinism 1) of 2012 of the same Intersectional School. The presentation of the company with which Nicolini has concatenated the 82 peaks of four thousand meters of the Alpine arc in 60 days making the transfers “by fear means”, that is on foot, by bike and on skis, as well as being an exciting moment of comparison with the peak mountaineering of our time, it is also

a training course for those who are about to approach this fascinating vertical world.

A rare event on Friday 20 January in Omegna that will allow the inhabitants of Verbano – Cusio – Ossola, and not only to enthusiasts or future school participants, to meet one of the world’s vertical stars. Belonging to the generation following that of Reinhold Messner, Nicolini has some eight thousand behind him, the participation at the highest levels of the main ski mountaineering competitions in the world, the opening of countless routes (real masterpieces of mixed rock) in Italy and throughout Italy. ‘abroad. The all-encompassing of 4000 of the Alps came after the concatenation of all 3000 meter peaks in the Dolomites. Not just an exploit but a creative realization, a vertical adventure full of emotions.

The meeting is held at the headquarters of the Cai of Omegna, via Comoli 63 (Province of the VCO) – h. 21:00 – admission free.

Info:  tel. +39.347.1638499