Vertical Line

“The horizontal line leads to matter,

the vertical one towards the spirit “

Linea Verticale is an online journal-blog and an association at the same time whose projects focus on communication, sport, culture, and highland tourism.

The online journal isa magazine with an eye focused on the topicality of the mountain world and on the reflections to which it induces. In addition to the editorial staff, all members and those who register there can write, as in a blog. But which mountain speaks Vertical Line? And then: are we sure that today the vertical is only in the mountains? In fact we will speak not only of the mountain and the adventures it generates, not only of the sports that populate its microcosms, but also and above all of its culture and literature, of its letterAltura we could say. And we will talk – why not? – of the metropolitan vertical, context in which today a melting pot of experiences that are in “line”, in fact, vertical with us. On a practical level, finally, for the members registered in the user area, the reports downloadable in pdf and so much more.


The association, based in Domodossola (Verbania), is made up of mountain, literature and sports enthusiasts. Linea Verticale realizes an international tourist-sporting project with unexpected social implications, capable of generating new forms of aggregation: it is the INTERNATIONAL SKI TOUR which, in the winter of 2009-2010, has combined with 10 events, the valleys of Verbano, Cusio, Ossola, Valsesia and the Swiss canton of Valais (see the focus and the appropriate banner on the site). Other initiatives, linked to culture, literature, cultural and sport tourism, are being planned. They are always inspired by the idea that the only sustainable mountain tourism is hiking, climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, therefore a more sensitive tourism also to culture. Also because, making the verse to the anthropologist Claude Lévy-Strauss that argued that “culture is cooking”, we are equally sure that “culture is a journey”.


The members (soon you can also associate via the web), participate in the life of the association by organizing, in the form of volunteering, all the activities of LineaVerticale. The contents of each individual project organized by the association are proposed to the board of directors by specific program committees. The International Ski Tour, for example (see Focus on the homepage), is a project curated by a special committee of the association’s program.


  • Members of the “LineaVerticaleWeb” program committee: D. Garlaschini (information system); A. Buffoni (editorial staff).
  • Members of the “International Ski Tour” program committee: Renato Broggio (Cheggio Ski Alp, Antrona, VB), Cecilia Cova (Devero Ski Alp, Baceno, VB), Dario Darioli (Monscera Tour, Bognanco, VB), Dario De Alberto (Mera Ski Alp, Scopello, VC), Luca Francisco (Moon Ski Alp, Mottarone of Omegna, VB), Roberto Gabbani (Memorial Giorgio Ielmoni, Pian di Sole of Premeno, VB), Manuel Gambarini (Night Race, Alagna Valsesia, VC ), Marcel Gerold (Simplon Ski Alp, Simplon Dorf, Switzerland), Fabio Iacchini (Monte Rosa, Macugnaga, VB), Walter Martinetti (Befana Ski Alp, Cravegna di Crodo, VB), Marco Tosi (Monte Zeus Ref. Trophy) Maria Luisa, Formazza, VB).


  • Directors: Davide Brazzelli, Federica Ciscato, Cecilia Cova, Luca Francisco, Lorenzo Scandroglio, Marco Tosi.