Are you bored of skiing in your Country for so long? Or, if you are a skier and the place you stay withholds you from going skiing, it is essential to explore skiing in other Countries as well. It not only helps you gain a lot of experience and knowledge but helps boost your confidence as well. Here are the ten top ski destinations around the world that you would want to consider before you go for your next skiing trip.


1. France- The resorts of Tignes and Chamonix in the French Alps are very beautiful! There are ample facilities here. The ski resorts here are lively and fun! Most of the European Skiers love it here as the whole environment here is vibrant and fun-filled. France is one of the most popular winter destinations.

2. Canada Ski holidays – Canada regularly makes it to the top ski destinations of the world. The trails in Canada are quite scenic! The forests, the mountains and the sheer beauty of this place, offers the skiers a spectacular experience!

3. Bulgaria – Bulgaria is one of the cheapest destinations to Ski. The country is famous for tourism. Skiing is one of the most top attractions here. The prices are not only low, but the resorts are also splendid too!

4. USA Ski holidays – The Rockies, Aspen, Snowbird, Jackson Hole, Colorado, and Utah in the U.S are quite famous for skiing. They have shallow slopes to challenging slopes. Advances skiers might find the trails to be super exciting.

5. Switzerland breaks – Switzerland is famous for its terrain. Switzerland is one of the prettiest Alpine Countries in the World. Matterhorn and Zermatt in Switzerland would give the most amazing skiing experience. The Country is famous for its lakes and beautiful towns.switzerland_arosa-1

6. Austria – Austria can be a Ski destination for both experts and beginners. The Ski trails in Austria is adventurous and risky as it is unmarked. Austria is famous for its traditional villages and scenic beauty. It is an Idyllic destination.

7. Italy Ski holidays – Unlike any other European Country, Italy stands out. All thanks to its cuisine and culture! Alagna Valsesia in Italy has a beautiful ski trail. It is a must go place for advanced skiers. Alagna Valsesia has one of the largest ski resorts in the World. Skiing in Italy is expensive though!

8. Andorra Ski Holidays – The ski schools in Andorra are rated excellent. The ski resort here is an excellent opportunity for the beginners. They offer the latest lift systems. Soldeu in Andorra is a famous ski resort. Andorra is not too much of a crowded ski destination, unlike the Alpine regions. If you prefer solitude, then Andorra’s can be a very good option!

9. Finland Ski Breaks – Though large parts of Finland aren’t mountainous, whatever hilly terrains the Country offers have a beautiful ski trail. Finland Ski Breaks is a family destination.

10. Scotland Ski Breaks – The Cairngorm, Glencoe, Glenshee, Lecht in Scotland, offers one of the best skiing experience.