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Linea Verticale offers its members (at special prices with its mountain guides) and to all enthusiasts, climbing, mountaineering and trekking itineraries. But also courses for those who take their first steps vertically or want to perfect their mountain climbing techniques.

Our climbs and excursions are mostly held in the Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Lepontine Alps, with particular reference to the Veglia Devero Park (in the upper Piedmont, in the province of Verbania) and the Valle Formazza. In addition, on request or for small groups, on the roads and mountains desired, even extra-European.

Following are the proposals for climbing, mountaineering, hiking for 2010 and 2011. – mob. ph. +39.338.3602640


Cecilia Cova and Marco Tosi, UIAGM alpine guides registered in the Piedmont region.

Cecilia Cova is one of the few women’s mountain guides in Italy. The first and only, at the moment, of the Ossolane valleys. Di saw his activity as an accompaniment on the great classic routes of the Western Alps (Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Pennine Alps and Lepontine), training for those taking their first steps (adults or children), information and culture (she was responsible for ALP magazine and is on the board of directors of the Lago Maggiore LetterAltura festival, for which he has introduced and managed the most successful section, the one dedicated to fun activities for younger people).

With assets climbed on different extra-European peaks above 6000 meters, its proposals range from easy routes to more demanding ones, but always of great satisfaction. Having also run two of the hardest ski mountaineering races in the world, the Mezzalama Trophy and the Patrouille des Glaciers, Cecilia also carries out preparatory and accompanying activities for those wishing to try, for the first time in their lives, this kind of experience.

“Wild Rose” is the title of the video-conference that Cecilia Cova proposes to show her life vertically, from the moment when, as a child, she decided that she would become a mountain guide at the first climbs, from the classic climbs on the Alps to the great mountains outside Europe.

Marco Tosi, besides having climbed on the Alps and the Himalayan eight thousand, has opened numerous climbing routes, especially in the Lepontine Alps. Passionate about vertical sports and in particular ski mountaineering, he took part in all the greatest classics of the white circus in sealskins, from the transalpine Pierra Menta to the Italian Trofeo Mezzalama to the Swiss Patrouille des Glaciers. It manages the Monte Zeus refuge in the enchanting hamlet of Crego di Premia (VB – Italy).


The easy and satisfying climbs, those that must be done, at least once in life:

  • Normal to Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps (4810 m);
  • Normal to Monte Rosa, Punta Gnifetti and Capanna Margherita (4554 m).

The great routes of mixed altitude:

  • Cresta Signal, on the East of the Rose, which develops between Val Sesia and Valle Anzasca and exits near the Punta Gnifetti and Rifugio Capanna Margherita (4554 m).


First steps / First steps

During the months of July, August and September, our mountain guide offers easy climbing courses in the beautiful alpine valley of the Alpe Devero .

In july, august and september, our mountain guide is organizing easy climbing courses in the wonderful alpine area of Alpe Devero .

Experts / experienced

The summer lends itself to discover the climbing Ossola (Verbania, Italy) at high altitude, between large cliffs and the pleasure of wellness in the thermal spa of Valle Formazza. In 15 minutes from the “base camp” where you can spend an entire week going to climb in different places.

Ossola (Verbania, Italy) in summer, between the walls and the thermal baths in Formazza Valley. In 15 minuts from “base camp” where you sleep, you can stay one week climbing always in different places.


One of the most beautiful crossings of the Alps, of refuge in refuge in 5 days: from the high Val Formazza to Alpe Veglia, passing through the Devero .

One of the most beautiful hiking routes from shelter to 5 days: starting from Formazza Valley to Alpe Veglia passing through Devero .

Spring 2011


Ski mountaineering of the great haute Alpine routes . There are three possible options suggested by LineaVerticale: agile and fast ski touring, fast & light, or traditional, at your discretion. To enjoy the great alpine scenery on the classic Chamonix-Zermatt(from Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa, from France to Switzerland), on the beautiful and little known Sempione – Formazza (from the Canton of Valais Switzerland to the province of Verbania, in Italy) or on the route of mythical Mezzalama Trophy on Monte Rosa, from Cervinia to Gressoney , in Val d’Aosta.

The legendary skimountaineering in the great alpine routes. Three are the possible options suggested by Vertical Line: skimountaineering fast & light; or traditional, as you prefer. To enjoy the great alpine scenery on the classical Chamonix – Zermatt (from Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa, from France to Switzerland), on the beautiful and still almost unknown and wild Sempione – Formazza (from Vallis Canton in Switzerland to the Italian district of Verbania ) or on the mithic route of Mezzalama Trophy, the most famous and historical skimountaineering race, on Monte Rosa, from Matterhorn to Gressoney , in Aosta Valley (Italy).

  • Sempione – Formazza (April 2011);
  • Chamonix – Zermatt (April 2011);
  • Mezzalama (April 2011).


For spring, what’s better than climbing the sea overlooking the blue? The limestone of Muzzerone (La Spezia, Italy), between Portovenere and the Cinque Terre, is also suitable for those who want to learn how to take their first steps vertically or improve, alternating the climb with the walks among the olive trees or mountain bike rides (you stay in a “shelter” with the sea below, between hammocks and good fish). But there are also the timeless Calanques(Marseilles, France), the vertical and marine tears that gave birth to the most charismatic French guide, Gaston Rebuffat … Even here the sea peeps perpendicular and, for the extra climbers, you can wander from the small village of Cassis to the great metropolis of Marisglia. In all cases climbing sport or adventure, single pitch or long routes.

In front of you The limestone of Muzzerone (La Spezia, Italy), between Portovenere and Cinque Terre, is also suitable for those who want to improve or learn to climb, alternating climbing and walking among the olive trees or cycling with mountain bikes (we stay in a ” shelter “in front of the sea, with hammock and healty fish food). Last but not least, the Calanques (Marseille, France) of the great mountain guide Gaston Rebuffat who was born there, with the sea under the feet and the possibility of choosing the little village of Cassis or the big city of Marseilles. In all the cases, sport climbing or adventure climbing, monopitches or long route.

  • Muzzerone (May 2011);