Yesterday was held at Alpe Devero, in the upper Val d’Ossola (Province of VCO – Italy), an interesting meeting-laboratory concerning the so-called “case of hydroelectric power plant” titled “Love water and call it by name”. In summary in recent months the community had come to know of a hypothesis of construction of a control unit between Devero and Crampiolo (in a context of naturalistic interest) for the private exploitation of hydroelectric energy. This was followed by a civil mobilization that led to the collection of thousands of signatures. The petition opposed the project for various reasons, including the high environmental impact and the method, legal but conducted quietly, without involving local communities.

The meeting held on Saturday 10 December at Alpe Devero set itself the goal of drawing attention to two increasingly current and interconnected themes, the production of energy and the protection of the environment. The full hall (one hundred people) and the contents emerged, allow you to talk about success. Also the local political representation (transversal to the camps) has shown to have its territory at heart.
The project of the new control unit in Devero is a striking example of how a fundamentally good idea like that of renewable energy sources can be transformed into detestable economic speculations to the detriment of the environment and how the exploitation of an energy source renewable energy may have unacceptable environmental costs and therefore produce energy that is no longer “clean”. As always, therefore, it should be stressed that it is not the merit of things that makes the difference but the method.

In itself the merit, the content, is environmentally friendly (a hydroelectric power plant), but the method by which the project was carried out, does not seem to be . This is why the work of LIPU has been compared, which tackles the issue of respect for watercourses very well, fundamental for the survival of a territory like that of Alpe Devero, with a questionable project of exploitation of water as energy source in a protected area, completing everything with data and numbers on the hydroelectric in the VCO, ignored by many.

The meeting was divided into 3 parts: the first concerning the “casus belli” of the new control unit in Devero with a brief case history and description of the project, by the Pro Devero Committee, followed by the analysis made by the naturalist Paolo Pirocchi, of the valuable environmental characteristics of the sites involved as well as of the project’s lack of design compared to the natural components; the second saw the presentation by Massimo Soldarini of Lipu of the documentary produced within the Parks in Rete project, directed by Marco Tessaro “Loving the waters and calling them by name – Aquatic environments in the Verbano Cusio Ossola”; the last part, edited by Amelia Alberti of Legambiente, focused on the data, current and planned for the future according to the new provincial directives,

“A super positive result of the day – said Anna Proletti of Pro Devero , one of the people who for a few years has been working for the protection and enhancement of the Alpe Devero – which, moreover, was beautiful with the sun shining on the snow during the day and the full moon in the evening that lit the alp of its most magical light “. Excellent moderation by Rinaldo Lampugnani who gave way to the speakers to intervene in a comprehensive and incisive. “We have greatly appreciated – concluded Proletti – the documentary Amare le acque and call them by nameproduced by Lipu under the direction of Marco Tessaro. “Too bad, we comment, for a lukewarm reaction by the Bacenese, surpassed in this by many other valley dwellers and locals coming from everywhere.” It will be necessary to let the Province know published by Amelia Alberti of Legambiente – that all these people present here today at Devero, added to the five thousand petition signatories, are worth more than a handful of water fees. ”
Initiatives like yesterday’s at the Alpe Devero, beyond the practical results, it is the testimony of the fact that there is an attentive enlarged community and a critical attention to things that will prevent the taking of unilateral decisions of this kind into general indifference.In light of the above, the headline of the Linea Verticale association sided with the civil society and with the signatories who opposed the construction of the control unit according to the methods envisaged by the current project .